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Some local news stories.

Green Burial site in Wiscoy Valley.

Minnesota City private cemetery

Green burial trend

Wisconsin natural burials.

Articles and Resources.

Crossings - Caring for our Own at Death

AARP article on green burial.

Mother Earth News article

Going all Natural in Wales

Memorial Ecosystems

Green Burials

The Center for Natural Burial

Kinkaraco Shrouds

Natural Burial Company

Natural Legacies

Be a Tree

Two books we have read and recommend:

Lisa Carlson wrote "Caring for your own dead" in 1987, it is a great handbook for those considering retaining the right to care for their loved ones in death as they did in life. It gives legal requirements in all states so take it along when trying to ensure the hospital administration and others of your right to take the deceased home. The book has had updates over the years and is now entitled "Caring for the Dead - your final act of love."

Mark Harris' book "Grave Matters - A Journey Through the Modern Funeral Industry to a Natural Way of Burial", this book pulls no punches in it's description of the handling of the body in a modern funeral home during embalming, then goes on to describe other options.

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